Jachthaven De Plashoeve BV is exclusief importeur voor de Ribs en Inflatables van Artigiani Battelli, kortweg AB Inflatables. Deze zeer complete lijn van handgemaakte boten kenmerkt zich door Italiaans topdesign, UV bestendige materialen, superieure vaareigenschappen en toch een redelijke prijs. AB produceert boten van de 2,50 meter opvouwbare Mares t/m 8,50 Oceanus en bestaat uit de volgende modelranges:
Oceanus 3,2 - 8,5 meter

Oceanus is our line of consoled tenders, designed for professionals and cruisers who depend on serious performance and comfort. These boats have the best ratio of length to interior space to tube diameter of any inflatables on the market.

As a result, they cut through the water with unsurpassed grace and provide truly exhilarating cruising. The extra-deep "V"-hull and non-submerged tubes prevent unwanted friction and spray for a smooth and dry ride.

Oceanus boats feature comfortable, upholstered seating, smartly designed consoles and abundant storage lockers that keep gear dry and safe. Boaters looking for an extremely seaworthy, high-performance rigid inflatable line will be pleased to know that certain Oceanus models were originally designed for the Italian Coast Guard and are currently being used by Sea Tow (an American boat towing and rescue company). With the deepest "V" available, Oceanus boats provide the safest and most comfortable ride you'll ever experience in an inflatable.

Nautilus 3,3 - 5,3 meter

Nautilus is our fleet of luxury tenders. Every detail has been considered on these craft. They have been outfitted with only the finest accessories and have been meticulously designed and handcrafted with superior materials.

Nautilus boats are conceived to serve the yachtsman who demands excellent performance, comfort and elegant style. They provide an attractive complement to the deck of any mega-yacht or luxury cruiser. Nautilus are exceptionally maneuverable and a dream to pilot, whether in open water or high-traffic harbors.

Their remarkably functional design also delivers countless amenities, making Nautilus inflatables the tenders of choice for yacht owners and captains who demand the best and most luxurious craft for their mother ship.

Navigo 2,6 - 4,3 meter

Navigo, our line of open tenders, are the most spacious dinghies on the market, due to the boats' unique design characteristics, which are often imitated but never duplicated.

Navigo boats provide all the features you expect in a top-quality tender: largest internal area on the market, easy planing and balanced design ratios; hulls with built-in stringers for enhanced performance and durability; non-skid fibreglass decks for improved safety; the most interior space of any comparable boat line on the market; and a raised bow and large-diameter tubes for a dry and comfortable ride.

Navigo boats have features that every boater wants, the quality workmanship that our customers have come to expect, and those extra details that our most discriminating customers demand. Whether you are a cruising sailor or keep your boat on a mooring, Navigo boats were made for you.

Lammina 2,6 - 4,5 meter

Lammina is the first line of marine-grade, aluminium tenders, rigid-bottom inflatables to reach the U.S. market.

Their 3.17mm (0.125'') aluminium hulls make them very tough and lightweight tenders that are ideal for use on lakes, rivers and rocky coastlines. In these environments, the aluminium bottoms help resist abrasions from rocky shores, coral and sandy beaches.

Unlike traditional aluminium inflatables, all Lammina models remain buoyant even when flooded due to an air chamber located between the hull and the floor. They also provide a superior ride, with far less pounding.

With developments like the Lammina aluminium hull design, it's no wonder AB has the reputation for being innovative. These models are available from 8'4'' to 15'.

Ventus 2,6 - 3,6 meter

Ventus, Latin for "air", is our line of lightweight tenders. Because of their low weight, Ventus boats achieve astonishing performance and speeds even with relatively small outboards.

Ventus boats are the only lightweight inflatables on the market with an additional air retaining chamber in the hull which also serves as a leveled anti-skid flooring to keep cargo and feet dry.

These boats make ideal tenders or independent craft for carrying crew and provisions.

Mares 2,5 - 3,5 meter

Mares is our line of foldable tenders. They make ideal tenders and also perform wonderfully in fishing and camping applications. Their ample interior space lets a boater carry many passengers in comfort through most any conditions.

AB's characteristic raised bow keeps your ride dry. Fiberglass floorboards and transom, extra large tubes and multiple air chambers ensure unparalleled safety, regardless of payload. Like all AB inflatables, each Mares boat is carefully crafted by hand, using the most durable inflatable fabric on the planet.